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Expand Your Talent Pool By Ensuring Your Website Careers Page is ADA Compliant

Company websites should be designed to be accessible to all because it drives business, creates and retains customers, nurtures client relationships and increases SEO (search engine optimization).  In our April 2019 e-blast (, PMP talked about the need to ensure that websites are ADA compliant, specifically accessible to the visually impaired. For the same reasons, […]

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Pledge to Celebrate Employee Successes in the Workplace

Many employers have just spent the past couple of months conducting year-end reviews with their employees.  In many cases, employees were notably happier and more productive after being rewarded for their success and accomplishments throughout the year.  It is likely that the year-end review was only one of a handful of times your employees received […]

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2020: New Year, New Laws in New York

As 2019 comes to an end, businesses must plan ahead and adjust their employment policies and practices in accordance with the new labor laws taking effect in 2020.  Below we summarize some of the new laws and key changes to 2020 New York employment laws. Minimum Wage Rates As of December 31, 2019, the minimum […]

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