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How to Protect Against Employee Moonlighting

Do you suspect your employees are working a second job – and that it’s starting to affect the quality of their work at your company?  If you haven’t already run into this problem, it is likely your business will in the future.  When the cost of living is already so high and keeps increasing, even […]

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Working On the Phone and Off the Clock: Everything Employers Need to Know

Does responding to a work email while shopping at the grocery store still count as work?  Almost always the answer is “yes.”  And those minutes will add up and cost employers thousands of dollars in legal fees for failing to pay non-exempt employees for that off-the-clock time. Although technology has made it easier than ever […]

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The Value of the Stay Interview

Employers strive to minimize employee turnover and want to retain top-performing employees and prevent those employees from quitting.  How can employers reduce employee turnover?  What makes high-performing employees want to leave a company?  How will an employer know if an employee is considering quitting their job? The easiest way for employers to answer these questions […]

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