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NYS Sexual Harassment Legislation

The effective date of the NYS Sexual Harassment Legislation was October 9, 2018. Please remember, the development and distribution of a written anti-harassment policy (contact PMP for a sample policy), the posting of a notice, and the creation and distribution of a complaint form (contact PMP for a sample complaint form), should be complied with […]

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Why Employer Retaliation Poses Serious Risks In Today’s Workplaces

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, you might be under the impression that sexual harassment claims are the primary area of concern for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency responsible for enforcing federal employee protection laws.  However, of the 84,000-plus charges filed with the EEOC in 2017, almost half of those charges […]

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Fostering A Culture Of Employee Recognition In The Workplace

Employee recognition is a vital factor required for a company to maintain high levels of efficiency and productivity.  More often than not, employee recognition is cited as a critical contributor to workforce happiness, employee loyalty, and long-term satisfaction.  Studies show that nearly 65 percent of employees do not feel they are recognized by their supervisors.  […]

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Stay Ahead Of The Game: 10 Updates To Your Employee Handbook For 2019

Have you recently updated your employee handbook?  If not, it’s certainly something employers must do before 2019 rolls around.  Handbooks require regular review, especially considering the ongoing changes in federal, state and municipal laws.  An outdated employee handbook can leave your business exposed to financial risk if you become the subject of a lawsuit brought […]

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