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Effective Date of the New York State Paid Family Leave Act Looms Ever Closer– Updated Details!

As many New York employers are already aware, last year New York State enacted a comprehensive paid family leave law. The New York Paid Family Leave Act (NYPFLA) will go into effect on January 1, 2018. As of that date, employees in New York will be eligible for wage replacement during leaves of absence taken […]

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Does Your Human Resources Department Have the Right Priorities?

We have all seen the news coverage of the sexual harassment and discrimination problems at Uber. According to reports, Uber has long suffered from a culture of pervasive sexual harassment and discrimination toward female employees. The issues first came to light publicly in February, when one former Uber employee published a blog post about the […]

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Resurgence in Recruiting Call for Review of Best Practices

Lately, PMP has observed a considerable uptick in hiring by small and large employers alike. In view of this welcome development, we thought our readers might benefit from a review of best practices in recruiting. Best Practices for Using Social Media in Recruiting The recruiting landscape has, like everything else in this digital age, changed […]

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