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Issuing Paystubs Electronically

Most employers – we hope – are aware that employees must be furnished with a paystub with each paycheck, listing gross wages, deductions, and net wages.  In today’s world of electronic communication and mobile devices, many employers wish to provide paystubs in electronic form only, rather than in hard copy. While that is a reasonable […]

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The Truth About “Unpaid Internships”

As summer approaches, many employers are gearing up for their annual summer internship programs. Offering summer internships can be a useful way for employers to “try out” potential new employees. Internship programs are, however, fraught with legal pitfalls for employers. Any employer that is considering implementing an internship program must educate itself about the requirements […]

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Five Foundation Documents Your Business Can’t Live Without

Written By Anthony Acampora, Partner, SilvermanAcampora LLP, Your business is like your house.  If your house has a weak foundation, you’re not replacing the roof until you fix that problem.  If your home’s foundation is rock solid, you can change the roof, and even add a floor, whenever you like.  It’s exactly the same […]

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