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New Year’s Resolutions for Employers

So, you’ve given up carbs, created a budget, and kicked your Facebook/Candy Crush/Starbucks/shopping /smoking/swearing habit. Good for you! But the new year is not just a time to clean up your act in your personal life. It’s also the perfect time to adopt better habits in your professional life, particularly if you are an employer.  […]

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Freelance Workers Must Have Written Contracts in New York City

Effective May 15, 2017, freelance workers in New York City will have new legal rights under the Freelance Isn’t Free Act (“FIFA”), a new law enacted by the New York City Council and signed by Mayor DeBlasio on November 16, 2016. FIFA provides that when a company retains the services of a freelancer for a […]

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Employee Responding to Emails at Home are “On the Clock”

A recently enacted French law giving employees a legal right to ignore work-related emails after office hours is attracting international attention. And no wonder! The obligation to check email in the evenings and on weekends has become so entrenched that the idea of being allowed to unplug seems nothing short of revolutionary. Here in the […]

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