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Concerns in Non-Profit Executive Compensation

Guest Article By: Michael F. Maciekowich, National Director Astron Solutions, LLC A natural concern that many have in the non-profit sector is the compensation of executives. In fact, a 2011 report from the Chronical of Philanthropy highlighted that the median pay of executives in a survey of 132 charities and foundations increased by 3.8% of […]

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Think You Are Prepared For The New Overtime Changes? Think Again!

Just Before New Exemption Salary Thresholds Become Effective Under Federal Overtime Law, NY DOL Issues Proposed Changes to Its Own Exemptions Are you a responsible, prepared employer who has already addressed the changes coming to federal overtime exemption rules on December 1, 2016? Have you thoroughly planned for these changes, and have now become bored […]

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Do Your Commissioned Salespersons Have Written Agreements?

The majority of employees in the United States do not have written employment agreements. Because employment agreements are not the norm, they often do not occur to employers as a possibility when hiring a new employee, let alone a requirement. With most employees, the lack of a written agreement is not an issue, except for […]

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