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Your Sexual Harassment Policy May Not Be Effective!

Do you believe your company’s sexual harassment policies sufficiently insulate the company from liability for harassment? Do you assume that, at the very least, this would be true in the event that an employee is sexually harassed but does not report it? Many HR professionals and employment lawyers would likely agree with you. But a […]

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Exit Interviews: Are You Using Them To Their Full Advantage?

Is your company getting all it can out of exit interviews? Exit interviews can yield gold mines of information for employers. But if not conducted properly, they can be a useless, formulaic exercise that benefits neither the company nor the outgoing employee. The stories of two different employees will help illustrate this. Amy left her […]

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Employee Handbooks and Employment Agreements: Understanding the Difference

Is your handbook an employment contract? Should it be? Many employee handbooks contain provisions intended to bind employees to certain obligations. For example, handbooks may state that employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary confidential information. They may also provide that, upon termination of employment, employees are prohibited from soliciting the company’s employees […]

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