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Be Aware! NLRB Issues Memorandums Making Unionization Faster and Easier Than Ever

A recent National Labor Relations Board Memorandum, 15-08, has changed the manner in which unions obtain their required “showing of interest.” The General Counsel issued a memorandum which states, “effective immediately, parties may submit electronic signatures in support of a showing of interest.” This has modified the process in which a union election petition must […]

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Paying Employees Using Payroll Debit Cards? Be Compliant!

Many employers, over the last few years, have been electing to pay their employees using payroll debit cards. An estimated 13,000 businesses in New York State pay approximately 200,000 workers through debit cards, according to the New York State Department of Labor. Providing employees their pay by way of debit card holds many advantages to […]

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2016 Brings Increased Fines for Workplace Safety Violations

Buried in the pages of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, that was signed by President Obama in November, is a provision for increased fines for OSHA Safety Violations. This is the first adjustment to federal safety fines since 1990. Fines for repeat or willful violations will increase from $70,000 per violation to $125,000; and […]

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Department of Labor Investigations in 2016

Employers will continue to see an increase in Department of Labor’s investigations in the workplace in 2016.  The increased investigations are expected in at least these two areas: Wage & Hour — especially as it relates to misclassification of non-exempt employees as exempt, or of employees as independent contractors. Family & Medical Leave Act policies […]

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Cocktails & Co-Workers: 10 Helpful Hints to Avoid Disaster at This Year’s Company Holiday Party

Not only do holiday parties hosted by employers demonstrate appreciation of employees, they also keep tradition alive and boost company morale.  However, every large gathering brings attendant risks and concerns.  Several employee-related lawsuits suggest potential dangers and ways employers should protect themselves.  PMP calls the holiday season our “busy season” because clients call with concerns […]

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