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On-the-Road and Off-the Clock: Liability for Employee Commuting Woes

Do you have employees who drive on company time, use a company vehicle while conducting business on behalf of the company or use a company vehicle outside of work time?  Do you have a policy that covers employees who drive? The general rule is that employers are not responsible for their employees while they are […]

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Is It Love or Harassment?

The workday provides multiple challenges to employers. Maintaining productivity, following federal and state regulations, and dealing with the inevitable “job crisis” all have to be accepted as part of your daily activity. One problem that should never be overlooked in the workplace is sexual harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines define sexual harassment […]

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Employee Working While on FMLA Leave? Know How To Respond!

It is a fairly common situation, an employee says she is suffering from a serious health condition and requests leave under the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA. After granting the leave you find out the employee is performing a similar job at another company. Can you lawfully terminate this employee or does she retain […]

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