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Not Unionized? 2015 Could be Your Year! More Help for Unionization From Your NLRB

Making up for lost time, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has moved aggressively to aid the labor movement and pave the way for more successful organizing. First, it revised a prior decision by a more conservative board and ruled that, with very limited exceptions, employees could not be prohibited from engaging in and communicating […]

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Failing to Pay Your Workers Properly Could Land You in Jail

Employers by now are well aware of the high cost of wage and hour suits. Failure to properly pay overtime or minimum wages can result in not only compensatory damages (back pay), but also liquidated or double damages, and the Plaintiff’s attorney’s fees. A $10,000 case can easily result in more than $50,000 in damages, […]

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Happy New Year! On December 29, 2014, Governor Cuomo signed into law an amendment to the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act which repeals the requirement of annual notices of wages to all current employees. Prior to this repeal employers were required to notify their employees in writing of their wage rates before February […]

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