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Tips To Reduce Liability During an I-9 Audit

The Immigration Customs and Enforcement division (“ICE”) of the Department of Homeland Security continues to issue Form I-9 Notices of Inspection to businesses, both large and small. These inspections have resulted in fines and, in some cases, criminal arrests of Company owners or managers.  The Notices of Inspection require employers to allow ICE access to […]

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Pool of Qualified Workers Waiting to be Hired

October is National Disability Awareness month and a great time to remind employers of the many benefits of hiring a qualified person with a disability. People with disabilities represent the single largest and most diverse minority in the US and are an untapped source of qualified candidates. So why are employers missing out on hiring […]

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Stop Forecasting! Know Exactly How To Pay Your Employees After Closing Business For Inclement Weather

With hurricane season fast approaching, companies should review their policies and procedures as they relate to paying employees should weather or other factors force your facility to close. NON-EXEMPT EMPLOYEES: • For non-exempt employees the general rule is to pay only for time worked – this is true under federal and state law. • However, New York’s […]

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How “Healthy” is Your Wellness Program?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently brought suit for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) against a Wisconsin based company for requiring an employee to submit to a medical exam as part of a “wellness program,” and then terminating the employee when she objected to the program.  This suit is the first […]

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Four “Landmines” and Best Business Practices to Avoid Them

Now that summer vacation is only a memory, “getting back to business” is the primary objective. As part of this, every owner, CFO and HR professional should assess their company’s compliance with workplace laws, in order to avoid “landmines” that can severely impact the positive bottom line you worked so hard to achieve. The best […]

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