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Does Your Human Resources Department Have the Right Priorities?

We have all seen the news coverage of the sexual harassment and discrimination problems at Uber. According to reports, Uber has long suffered from a culture of pervasive sexual harassment and discrimination toward female employees. The issues first came to light publicly in February, when one former Uber employee published a blog post about the […]

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The Truth About “Unpaid Internships”

As summer approaches, many employers are gearing up for their annual summer internship programs. Offering summer internships can be a useful way for employers to “try out” potential new employees. Internship programs are, however, fraught with legal pitfalls for employers. Any employer that is considering implementing an internship program must educate itself about the requirements […]

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Recent Court Decision Illustrates How Crucial Anti-Harassment Training Is

In a decision issued on April 27, 2017, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals interpreted the standard for establishing a “hostile work environment” claim more broadly than many HR professionals and employment lawyers would normally expect. Employers should be aware of the implications of this decision and understand how to avoid liability for hostile work […]

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Federal Contractors – No time for Complacency

In April, President Trump proposed a budget proposal that included a possible 21 percent cut for the DOL budget. Some federal contractors may be interpreting that to mean that the OFCCP will be less active during the Trump administration, given likely budget constraints. But that is not necessarily accurate. In all likelihood, the OFCCP will […]

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Salary History Inquiries Now Prohibited in Philadelphia

Employers who do business in Philadelphia, take note! It is now illegal to ask job candidates in Philadelphia about their salary history. This means you cannot ask an applicant about his salary at his current job or past jobs. Many employers routinely seek this information from job seekers to help them determine what salary to […]

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New Form I-9: But You Still Need To Know The Basics

The long-anticipated, newly revised Form I-9 was released on November 14, 2016.  This new form replaces the Form I-9 that was issued on March 8, 2013 with an expiration date of March 31, 2016.  As with previous new versions of the Form I-9, there is a grace period before companies must begin using the new […]

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Think You Are Prepared For The New Overtime Changes? Think Again!

Just Before New Exemption Salary Thresholds Become Effective Under Federal Overtime Law, NY DOL Issues Proposed Changes to Its Own Exemptions Are you a responsible, prepared employer who has already addressed the changes coming to federal overtime exemption rules on December 1, 2016? Have you thoroughly planned for these changes, and have now become bored […]

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Cocktails & Co-Workers: 10 Helpful Hints to Avoid Disaster at This Year’s Company Holiday Party

Not only do holiday parties hosted by employers demonstrate appreciation of employees, they also keep tradition alive and boost company morale.  However, every large gathering brings attendant risks and concerns.  Several employee-related lawsuits suggest potential dangers and ways employers should protect themselves.  PMP calls the holiday season our “busy season” because clients call with concerns […]

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ACA Reporting for 2016

Under the Affordable Care Act, all employers are required to submit reporting forms to both employees and the Internal Revenue Service. These forms will reflect the employer’s compliance with health care reform’s “shared responsibility” mandate to provide affordable health coverage to its employees. The exact forms depend on the number of employees in your company. […]

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Did You “Fire” or “Constructively Discharge”?

Under federal law, a “constructive discharge” occurs when the employer deliberately makes working conditions so intolerable that a reasonable person in the employee’s position will feel compelled to resign. Intolerable can be a sliding scale when it comes to environment. If an employee quits because of a petty change in the job duties, or because […]

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