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Working On the Phone and Off the Clock: Everything Employers Need to Know

Does responding to a work email while shopping at the grocery store still count as work?  Almost always the answer is “yes.”  And those minutes will add up and cost employers thousands of dollars in legal fees for failing to pay non-exempt employees for that off-the-clock time. Although technology has made it easier than ever […]

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Your Website and ADA Compliance

When creating a commercial website, a company has a number of concerns and priorities, such as functionality, design, and search engine optimization. One consideration that is often overlooked, however, is whether the site will be accessible to individuals with disabilities. In view of a recent federal court decision, businesses may want to start focusing more […]

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Do Your Commissioned Salespersons Have Written Agreements?

The majority of employees in the United States do not have written employment agreements. Because employment agreements are not the norm, they often do not occur to employers as a possibility when hiring a new employee, let alone a requirement. With most employees, the lack of a written agreement is not an issue, except for […]

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