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Mind the Gap! 5 Tips To Bridge The Generation Gap In The Workplace

Some of the biggest challenges business owners face is managing different personalities in the workplace.  It can be difficult to get any two strangers to effectively work with one another.  It can be even more challenging when one of those individuals is a baby boomer and the other is a millennial.   Since many baby boomers […]

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New York State New Direct Deposit Rules Cancelled…For Now

For now New York State regulations which would have imposed new notice and consent standards for paying employees’ wages via direct deposit have been revoked. The regulations, which were set to go into effect March 7, 2017, were found to exceed the authority of the Department of Labor and were invalidated on that basis. The […]

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Salary History Inquiries Now Prohibited in Philadelphia

Employers who do business in Philadelphia, take note! It is now illegal to ask job candidates in Philadelphia about their salary history. This means you cannot ask an applicant about his salary at his current job or past jobs. Many employers routinely seek this information from job seekers to help them determine what salary to […]

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Expected Changes to Workplace Laws Under President Trump – Part I

Though President Donald Trump has not yet stated in detail his plans with respect to labor and employment issues, it can reasonably be expected that his administration will upend current federal labor and employment law trends.  While former President Obama’s administration focused on a middle class economics agenda, it is likely that President Trump will […]

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Employers, Beware! Under FMLA “Parent” Is Interpreted Broadly – And It’s Your Job to Ask the Right Questions

Employers who are familiar with the Family and Medical Leave Act are well aware that employees can use FMLA leave to care for their child, spouse, or parent with a serious health condition. But not all employers are aware that, under the FMLA, “parent” is interpreted broadly to include not only biological, adoptive, step, and […]

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When Cupid’s Arrow Strikes In The Workplace

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and love is in the air – including at the workplace. Workplace romance is very common; according to a 2015 survey, 37% of workers have dated a co-worker at some point. While many companies maintain written policies on workplace romance, there is no real consensus on the most effective approach. […]

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