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When Inclement Weather Strikes: How to Pay Your Employees

Q: Must a company pay an hourly, non-exempt employee for the day(s) when the business was closed due to inclement weather? A: The general rule for non-exempt employees is to pay only for time worked – this is true under federal and state law. A company may require the hourly non-exempt employee to use vacation […]

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#Be Prepared: New Sexual Harassment Measures to be Implemented in 2018

How exposed is your company?  Lawmakers in New York and other states are taking up initiatives following in the wake of the multitude of sexual misconduct allegations made against high-profile political and media figures and the ever-growing #MeToo movement. These actions include measures to curb the use of nondisclosure and arbitration agreements in employment contracts […]

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New Standards Employed by Labor Board Means Good News for Employers

Not sure if you can prohibit photography or curb social media chatter about your company?  We’ve got good news for you! The National Labor Relations Board (“Board”) has adopted new standards regarding facially neutral workplace rules and the joint employer standard that employers should welcome with open arms. New Standard to Determine Lawfulness of Facially […]

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